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About Us

Gurkha Watch is the timepiece that symbolises more than two centuries of bravery and generosity of lionhearted Gurkha soldiers that have been outspread across the globe.


Manufactured in collaboration with UK’s bestselling brand SEKONDA, Gurkha Watch has distinctive technological masterwork and ingenious mechanism, along with the levelled-up faces and interfaces that bestow its respect to the fearlessness and faithfulness of Gurkha soldiers.


Gurkha watches are superscribed with emblems and mottos that convey words of reverence for Gurkha soldiers. While the dials of these watches are superscribed with illustrations of Khukuri and regiment-wise insignias of the Serving Brigade of Gurkhas, the bezel of the watches are inscribed with Gurkha’s motto ‘Better to die than be a coward’ and the title ‘Bravest of the Brave’. For the Nepalis who are known globally for their bravery, the Gurkha Watch is the best emblem, even for all genders of all age groups.


Why we collaborated with SEKONDA?

Sekonda is the UK’s number one watch brand, and for the past 53 years, the watchmaker has been inventing watches with distinctive technological masterwork and ingenious mechanism. Established in 1966, Sekonda has been providing exceptional value through no nonsense expertise. Committed to producing high quality wristwears that compliments everyone’s lifestyle, Sekonda use top quality movements, strict manufacturing specifications, and undertake rigorous testing and quality control procedures.


Gurkha Watch resembles

Gurkhas first battled with the British in 1814 during the Anglo-Nepalese War, and British forces admired the Gurkha’s military prowess and honourable tactics. A Peace Treaty (Sugauli Treaty) put an end to the war in 1816, enabling the British to officially recruit Nepali Gurkhas in their battalion. Since then, Nepali Gurkhas have served with distinction throughout the world, earning an incredible 13 Victoria Crosses for acts of extreme valour and countless medals. Today, six major regiments have been formed, and these Gurkha watches are superscribed with insignias of the respective serving brigade of Gurkhas.


Gurkha Watch: The Trendsetter

Only 200 pieces of Khukuri Cross watches were first introduced in UK. The first edition of these watches made a big-bang market penetration in the UK and secured quickest sale in the country, which is home to millions of Ex-British soldiers. The quintessential watches that combine style, elegance and history, has now flown oceans to grace the writs of Nepalese living in Nepal.