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About Us

Gurkha Watch is a timepiece with technological masterwork and ingenious mechanism that symbolises over 200 years of bravery and acts of extreme valour that lionhearted Gurkha soldiers have shown in several war theatres and peacekeeping missions. It is an emblem of the Gurkhas—globally known as “The Bravest of the Brave”—who have laughed to greet every hardship, remained uncomplaining to endure hunger, thirst and wounds, and faced tougher to toughest wars without fear. And this watch is for the Gurkha veterans and their families who sacrificed their valuable family moments for The Crown and mankind that never returned.

The year 2015 completed the 200 years of Gurkha service to the Crown. And this year also marked decades of Gurkhas’ service in peacekeeping operations around the world. To commemorate their service and sacrifice, we, Gurkha Jewellers UK, produced and introduced 200 pieces of Khukuri Cross Gurkha watches in UK. The first edition of these watches made a big-bang market penetration in the UK, and secured quickest sale in the country, which is home to millions of Ex-British soldiers.

We are now venturing to introduce more quintessential watches that combine style, elegance and history.

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