Gurkha Man’s Casual watch with free RGR strap

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Watch Details:

Guarantee:               Sekonda 2 Year Gaurantee
Case Finish:              Matt
Case color:                Black
Dial color:                 Black
Strap Color:              Black/Green
Water Resistance:   50 meters
Date:                          Yes
Display:                     Analog Digital
Movement:               Japanese Quartz(Battery)

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Gurkha Watch


Sekonda Special  Edition Watch


Introduction (How we Begin)

Founded on 2013 “Gurkha Jewellers & Bullion ” is one of the retail jewellers and bar dealer in Hampshire. We are providing services in Aldershot “UK” and Kathmandu “Nepal”.The founder himself served in Gurkha army for 8 years, Mr. Prasant Thapa. Being a part of Army, he always wanted to do something back to the army community. Later he developed the concept of G200 limited edition (200) of the watches for the first time in association with Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT) to celebrate 200 years in honor of all the ranks served in British army. The watch included a dial engraved back case and came in a wooden presentation box. Gurkha Bullion has been giving 3% net profit of every watch sold to GWT “Gurkha Welfare Trust”.   So, Gurkha Bullion made one of the special edition of the G200 watch in an upgraded version, which was so popular that within a few days it was already pre-booked and sold out.  It has been so high demand that people started to ask for more versions. Then we continued to make another five hundred pieces in different versions of straps (4 nylon, 4 leather & 1 stainless) which is now available in UK. Thus, we started developing the concept of naming our brand as “Gurkha Watch” with our own cross khukuri logo and word name “GURKHA .

Background of Gorkhas

The Gurkhas or Gorkhas with endonym Gorkhali (Nepali: गोरखाल’) are soldiers native to the Indian subcontinent of Nepalese nationality and ethnic Nepalis of Indian nationality recruited for the British Army, Nepalese Army, Indian Army, Gurkha Contingent Singapore, Gurkha Reserve Unit Brunei, UN peacekeeping force and war zones around the world. Historically, the terms “Gurkha” and “Gorkhali” were synonymous with “Nepali”,which originates from the hill principality Gorkha Kingdom, from which the Kingdom of Nepal expanded under Prithivi Narayan Shah. The name may be traced to the medieval Hindu warrior-saint Guru Gorakhnath[4] who has a historic shrine in Gorkha. The word itself derived from “Go-Raksha” (Nepali: गोर(ा), “raksha” becoming “rakha” (रखा). “Rakhawala” means “protector” and is derived from “raksha” as well.  There are Gurkha military units in the Nepalese, British and Indian armies enlisted in Nepal, United Kingdom and India. Although they meet many of the requirements of Article 47 of Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions regarding mercenaries, they are exempt under clauses 47(e) and (f) similarly to the French Foreign Legion.  Gurkhas are closely associated with the khukuri, a forward-curving Nepali knife, and have a reputation for fearless military prowess. Former Indian Army Chief of Staff Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw once stated that: “If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gurkha.”

So, it was a little description about the Gorkhas. The Gurkhas have been part of the British Army for 200 years.”Better to die than be a coward” is the motto of the worldfamous Nepalese Gurkha soldiers who are a crucial part of the British Army since 1815.  In respect to the pride and honor of the Gorkhas we present this watch, to remember how brave we were, we are and how much we have contributed for the sake of peace keeping movement. This watch is made to symbolize the sign of bravery of Gorkhas.


Gurkha watch and SEKONDA watches

Since 2015 Gurkha watch has been collaborating with SEKONDA the no.1 watch company of United Kingdom. The first 200 years of service watch of Gurkha Watch which was made to honor the crown for serving 200 years by the Nepalese British Army was made with SEKONDA. The picture of the watch is below:

After that again a special edition of stainless-steel Gurkha watch was made with SEKONDA along with Gurkha men watch and a rose gold ladies watch. The pictures of watches are below:

Again, now in 2019 Gurkha watch has made four different versions of SEKONDA watches.

The following are the specifications and pictures of watches


  1. Sekonda Quartz Analogue
  2. Sandblast chrome colour case
  3. Cream & Black dial with full figures
  4. Date above 6 position
  5. Dark green and black stap
  6. Water resistance 50 meters
  7. Gurkha kukri knives at 122 o’clock
  8. 2 years of warranty
  9. Free RGR Strap

 Gurkha Welfare Trust

Established in 1969, we ensure that Gurkha veterans, their widows and their wider communities are able to live their lives with dignity. We achieve this primarily through the provision of financial, medical and development aid. Our field arm operates through 21 Area Welfare Centers spread across traditional Gurkha recruiting areas in Nepal as well as one in India. We have around 400 staff working in the region. In the UK we offer advice and support to help the thousands of retired Gurkhas and their families who choose to settle here. We Gurkha Watch have decided that 3% profit on sales of Gurkha RGR (Royal Gurkha Rifles) Watch will be donated as a charity for the Gurkha Welfare Trust.


Black, Green


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